Read the stories of 22 people from all over the world who chose South Tyrol as a place to live and work.


Your new contract is signed, and you’ve organised the move: what do you need to do now? Here, we’ll tell you everything that you are required to do, from a legal point of view, in order to settle into your new home.


Wanted: Talent

South Tyrol has traditionally had a large demand for labour. This tendency is growing stronger and stronger: it is buoyed by the need for talented, international people in innovative industries such as renewable energy, the strengthening of South Tyrol as a site for higher education and research, and the presence of companies that operate globally.

Why South Tyrol?

Interesting jobs, a multilingual environment, cultural diversity and scenic beauty: South Tyrol is the workplace for anyone looking for a little bit more out of life.

Work – The hard facts

What do the abbreviations IRPEF or ASL stand for, and what are permessi? In the majority of cases, working in South Tyrol means that you’ll fall under Italian labour law and Italian social provisions. Here, we’ll tell you everything you need to know.



Your living quarters pay an extremely important role in your sense of wellbeing in a new place. In this section you will learn about housing options in South Tyrol, what prices to expect, where to look for housing, and factors to consider when renting or purchasing a home.

Languages and bilingualism

In the multicultural region of South Tyrol the knowledge of foreign languages is increasingly important, but don’t worry! For the ones who come here there are a lot of instruments and services for language learning: look here where to find them!

Family and education

Families with children have one more reason to make South Tyrol the centre of their lives. Good schools, multilingualism from a young age, lots of nature and open space: this is what childhood should be. Here is an overview of topics important to families so that parents know what to expect.

Handling paperwork

Getting a new job in another country means a lot of annoying paperwork—especially if the new country is Italy. But the hurdles one must jump in bilingual South Tyrol are about half as high, at least for EU citizens. You’ll find everything you need to do for your new job here.

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